CACI Synergy & Protégé Elite

The wonderful, powerful CACI Synergy and Protege Elite Treatments are now available at both Zen Skin Spa in Shandon and Zest For Life in Helensburgh. We have the top of the range non surgical facial lifting and skin tightening machines available for our clients. Fiona has worked with CACI International for over 15 years first training in the CACI Microlift machine, then the CACI Ultra Machine and most recently the CACI Synergy Machine. She is one of the most experienced CACI practitioners in the UK. Fiona loves CACI treatments which she combines with Dermalux treatments and Nora Bode Oxyjet Treatments to create a bespoke treatment for her many loyal facial clients. In many cases, a course of CACI Synergy treatments eliminates the need for clients to have anti wrinkle injections. CACI is a mini gym workout for the face and keeps the tiny facial muscles strong and stops the skin sagging into lines and wrinkles. Fiona recommends clients start treatments in their late twenties as a preventative measure.

Tone & Tighten

The CACI Synergy treatment works very well with Protege Elite Treatments and most clients now combine the two treatments. Whereas CACI Synergy works on the muscle or building blocks, Protege Elite Treatments work more on the skin so they are brilliant for tightening slack skin, especially on the neck and jowl area. Most clients will require a course of 4-6 Protege Elite Treatments and a course of 10 CACI Treatments. Both CACI Synergy and Protege Elite are FDA cleared to the highest safety standards possible.

Hydrafacial, Dermalux, Nora Bode Oxyjet, EDS Skin Needling, Dermal Roller, IMAGE Skin Peels are skincare treatments that are available exclusively at Zen Skin Spa in Shandon.

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